Time and Attendance

Timekeeping Done Right

Automate tracking of hours, time approvals, and time-off requests — plus receive proactive notifications for exceptions, missing punches, overtime, and more.

With our enhanced Time & Attendance tracking benefits, you’ll be able to:

  • Help eliminate time theft and keep your business in compliance.
  • Allow your employees flexibility on how they clock in and out of work (mobile, computer, physical time clock).
  • Let employees check their own earnings and accrual balances, request time off and schedule changes, approve their timecard, and more.
  • Learn when your employees are approaching overtime, find out who arrived early or punched out late, and quickly and easily identify whether or not all breaks have been taken in real time.
  • Easily manage time-off requests, schedules, timecards, overtime requests, and more via a curated employee portal.

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