No business stands alone in all endeavors…. Well, no successful one.

At PayFWDs, we understand the power of collaboration and the valuable role strategic partnerships play in the pursuit of serving businesses in our community.

A partnership with PayFWDs is designed to foster mutually beneficial relationships with professionals and organizations that share our commitment to customer service and client success.

Who we work with:

  1. CPAs and Accountants: Trusted financial advisors who recognize the value in a reliable payroll provider, from alleviating administrative burdens, saving valuable time, and providing unparalleled customer support at a moment’s notice.
  2. HR Consultants: Seasoned professionals who value service and the seamless connection between Payroll and HCM that PayFWDs provides.
  3. Banks and Credit Unions: Financial institutions eager to give their customers an advantage in every aspect of their business, starting with payroll.
  4. Trade Associations: Organizations intent on providing resources to their members for the betterment of their businesses. Payroll and HR are at the core of your member offerings, as a bridge between the two, we reduce administrative burden and boost adoption of these benefit programs, optimizing the value your members receive.
  5. Accelerators, Innovation hubs, and beyond: Organizations who share our passion for giving startups a leg up. As a former startup, we understand the tough road ahead and will work diligently to save founders time, money, and peace of mind.

By joining forces with PayFWDs, you gain a partner who takes tremendous pride in serving the customers we share.